Each and every person over 18 and/or providing income that will pay for rent needs to complete an application

The Offline Paper Way

Click Here to download the Rental Application form or I will bring some to our meeting.
If you are interested in the apartment, the application must be completed to be considered.
So why not download and read it to know what is expected.
Please see here for checking your credit score.

The Online Digital Way

Rental Applications are taken online at

The Cozy application doesn’t ask for some information I need:

  • In the ‘About Yourself’, Please list the names, age, and relationship of all people to be living in the apartment that are not filling out an application.
  • Under ‘Additional Residence History Information’, Please state Why are you moving.
  • Current & Past Employers encompassing at least 3 years, including Name & contact info for a manager.
  • Any other income like food stamps or child support should be listed under ‘Add an income source’.
  • Current & Past Residences encompassing at least 3 years, including Name & contact info of your Landlord.

This application is per person. (each person over 18 to be living here) The first person to apply should list the co-applicants. They will use the link emailed to them to complete the application. This is done to keep the applications grouped together by family.
When you get to the background & credit check, please skip them, do NOT decline them.


When it comes to the credit report you have 2 options:

  1. For an extra $15 per person I will take care of all of it and nothing below here applies.
  2. Pull your own report through Credit Karma for FREE (see below) and let me see it on your mobile device.

Please start with emailing me a screenshot of the ‘Credit Factors’ page as shown on a desktop computer (not home page) of Credit Karma showing your two credit scores. It should like like this:

Credit Karma

If your mobile device gives you the mobile version, just click on the score at the top of the page and that gives you the page I want to see.